"It was a profound experience...seeing the best of the inside of me captured outwardly; it was really, really beautiful."

What Carrie had to say:

Carrie is a life coach, yoga educator, facilitator of life-affirming yoga retreats + teacher trainings, travel junkie, and adventurer seeker. 




I have mine hanging in my office and when I am having a bad day I'll look up at those pictures and be reminded of who I am. "

What Lori has to say:

Lori Keeton has been practicing law in North Carolina since 1998. She regularly represents individuals, businesses and municipalities in civil actions in both state and federal courts. In addition, she regularly assists her clients with contract negotiations and disputes.


"It grew my confidence in a way I had no idea a photograph could.



"My fear was that people would see the images and think, "Who does she think she is?! She is so full of herself."

But all those feelings went away when I saw the images for the first time. I was reminded why I decided to do this in the first place - to capture a time in my life where I feel confident, strong, sexy and happy."

What Anna said:

Anna is a past client; who was in the time of life where she and her husband were discussing starting a family, but before that she wanted an experience for her.  Something to celebrate the exact moment of life that was happening before moving on to what comes next.




"...getting quasi naked with a camera pointed at me by someone I hardly knew was a bit/a LOT intimidating -(I) think/know that's an issue for a lot of women.  You made me feel much more comfortable than I thought i would be.

So yay! And yes badasses should be celebrated/feel good/not beat themselves up."

What Katie said:

In Katie's own words: I used to be very overweight when I was younger.  I worked very hard to lose weight over the years with exercise and diet but you don't go from there to where I am today  without lingering body image/self esteem issues. 




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