An empowered photographic experience for women ready to be unapologetically seen.

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This is your invitation to stand tall.
dare to be seen:


The Empowered Portraits™ Experience 
is your permission slip to take center stage. As commissioned photographic artists; through a series of calls, planning and photographs; we watch you become unapologetically seen.

charlotte, nc & travel world wide

Founder: Cass Bradley

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Nominate another powerful woman.

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We believe empowered women empower women. When you book your Empowered Portraits™ Experience, we gift $150 in your honor towards an experience to a woman or girl who is ready to find her fearless, claim center stage and own her story through the Wild Embers Photo Project.

Inspired by a poem by Nikita Gill, The Wild Embers Photo Project is a photographic series honoring female strength and beauty combined with the amazing outdoors meant to celebrate transformational journeys of women.  

The result of the project will be both personal art pieces to celebrate each subjects individual just.for. themselves, along with a photo exhibition and coffee table book. 




Head to our ‘Book your session' link and you will receive a $150 session creative fee invoice and a call to select your date


how to find your fearless

Now we begin to dig a bit deeper into knowing you—we assist in taking care of of the not-so-little details


It's the big day.  (Session time!) 


You will return to our studio the SAME DAY for your the reveal of your photographs 


Fearless Found.


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the five steps of the empowered portraits™ experience

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fearless found

"I heard a woman becomes herself

the first time she speaks without permission then, 

every word out of her mouth

a riot.

- Denise Frohman

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a monthly collection of stories celebrating rule-breaking, ship-rocking, fearless women like you. (along with VIP-only promotions and events) 

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