The Empowered Portrait Experience: FAQ’s (AKA: let’s get the questions out of your head and get to Finding your fearless)

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The Empowered Portrait Experience: FAQ’s

After photographing women for over a decade –one thing has become abundantly clear:  often times women do not give themselves permission to take center stage in their own lives–especially in photographs.

Beyond the celebrating of major life events like weddings and babies. (which our lifestyle division loves celebrating) Many women hide from the camera and often exist very little in their own beautiful photographic documentaries.)   –We are out to change that.

As commissioned photographic artists; through a series of calls, planning and photographs; we work with women we are ready to become unapologetically seen in their live and businesses.   Since the concept is a new one for a lot of women–we want to take a minute to alleviate your fears and get out the questions out of your head and have you knocking down our door to schedule your session stat!

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“I’ve never had photographs taken that I love.  I’m nervous to invest in this–what if I don’t like them:”

Repeat after me.  I will love my photographs.  We guarantee it.

We are so confident  with the time we spend getting to know you prior to our session ( along with assisting you with every. little. detail–like, location, attire, and even setting up your hair and makeup…) we will have created an experience that celebrates you uniquely–and when that magic happens–It is just not possible to not love the outcome.


“I’ve never heard of Empowered Portrait sessions.  Give me some examples of when women do these types of sessions?”


Do you really need a reason other than being amazing?    (-The answer is no.)

However, here is a partial list of women who have decided to do an Empowered Portrait Experience and ‘Find their Fearless.’:

  • 50th Birthday Gift to HERSELF
  • Business Branding/Rebranding  (YOU are your brand my dear.  Now it’s time your photographs accurately reflect you.)
  • Celebrating 2 years cancer-free
  • The divorce was final
  • Launched her fall line
  • Surviving abuse and celebrating freedom
  • To have photographs where her daughter sees her strength
  • Quit her law firm-opened her own
  • Nominated for an award
  • Celebrated NOT being married and having no kids
  • Proud of making health changes that resulted in losing 200 pounds
  • She has aways loved the Eiffel tower
  • A gift for her husband-to-be (that became a gift for herself)
  • To reclaim herself after year-one of motherhood
  • Because it was Tuesday 😉


“I see your creative fee is only $150.  What does that include?:


Your creative fee covers:

  • Saving your spot on our calendar (we are currently booking 30-days out)
  • Your pre-session discovery calls,  (a series of brief calls where we get to the you, your life, your business, and those you love/love you.  AKA:  who you REALLY are.)

With this information we are then equipped to assist with:

  • Location
  • Attire (we provide inspiration boards and even assist with day-of selection of outfits from what you bring along.)
  • Arranging for professional hair and makeup should you elect for us to do so

-This is a turn-key/no stress experience!  

  • Your SAME-DAY professional reveal and design consultation where you will see your photographs on the ‘big screen’ our professional designers will assist you in creating the perfect art for you!


“But what will I actually spend? “


Your creative fee is meant to give you a low barrier to entry (aka:  don’t talk yourself out of this!) and then you select ONLY the photographs you are absolutely proud to call your own!  

After your session–you will come to our studio in Historic Plaza Midwood (Bungalow 1325)  for your the most exciting part of the experience:  your SAME-DAY reveal and design session.

A vast majority of our clients see themselves in a way they never have before and celebrate this through fine art piece meant to hang on the wall of your home or office and remind you your everyday magic!   (Small art pieces begin at $250  and large wall galleries range from $1900 to $3400. Digital files are also available for clients wishing to utilize them for things like printed marketing material, website designs, book jackets etc. and start at $250.)

There are no minimum orders required and…wait for it:  we also offer interest-free payment plans for those who spend over $1000.  (this very often assists small business wonders who come in for a full branding experience and elect for both tons of digital photographs for websites/social medias etc. and also wish to celebrate themselves with art as well as those investing in larger wall galleries and albums.)

The short version:  this is meant to be a day to celebrate you…not for high-pressure sales. Our reveal and designs are the very best part and incredibly fun and empowering.   -Our goal is for you to walk out out of our studio feeling proud, strong and beautiful… with whatever art makes you joyful.


Can you explain how you give back to the community with  the ‘Share your Fearless’ program?


BlueSky Photo Artist owner, Cass Bradley is all about is hell-bent on empowering women to take center stage in their own lives.  –Most especially those who may not (yet!) be brave enough to have their story told or do not have the resources or funds to book their own Empowered Portrait Experience.

When you book your Empowered Portrait Experience, we gift $150 in your honor (a value equal to your creative fee) to a woman or girl whose story should be told and to help her find her fearless.

Upon completion of your own experience–you will be able to select one of two options:

1.) To allocate your $150 gift to our featured woman selected through our quarterly application process.

2.) Provide us with the name and address of a friend you would like us to mail a $150 gift certificate to from you!



How far in advance do I need to book my session?


Currently–we are booking approximately 30 days in advance.  (**Note: we do leave several session times open per month for clients who have an immediate need.  (aka:  ‘I’m going to be featured in an article and don’t have photos I love’ )   Though we cannot always accommodate sessions faster than 30 days–dont hessite to ask.

Ready to save your spot on our calendar?   **you can book your session here: 



Why do you call it an ‘experience?’  AKA:  Is that just fancy marketing-speak for what every other photographer does?


hahahah. no.  But glad you asked.;-)

From our very first phone call–you will see what makes this different.

Through a series of calls, a decade of experience, an inspiration board created for each client, assistance with everything from location/attire/hair and makeup…it is truly an experience meant to celebrate you, what you are most proud of, your strength, your softness and what makes you…you.  (Translated into artful photographs meant to remind you everyday.)

Any decent photographer can take a ‘pretty picture’–we promise you this is something more.




The Empowered Portrait Experience is your permission slip to take center stage.  Are you ready?

(We thought so.)

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