Ditch the nerves: Preparing for your Empowered portraits session (Beauty Boudoir and Branding)

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nervous about your session?  We have you covered!


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Ditch the nerves: Preparing for your Empowered portraits session (Beauty Boudoir and Branding)


One things we have learned is the sooner we ‘get the nerves and logistic’ out of the way–the sooner we can focus on making our Empowered portraits experience a meaningful one.


So let’s address the most common questions we receive as it relates to being the most prepared and confident for your experience:


ATTIRE: Attire always seem to be the go-to question. We tell everyone to approach this as you see fit. Meaning—some women  bring floor length, flows  gowns…some bring off—the shoulder sweaters and jeans.  Some bring lingerie.(or even do nudes) We tell everyone to bring 3-5 ‘outfits’ they feel amazing in and day-of: we will help you select outfits/accessories. (we are also happy to put you in touch with one of our stylists to assist you in selecting or purchasing peices that you absolutely  love and are totally and completely YOU. -Just ask!)

But please know:  the outfits, location  and hair and makeup are sort of the ‘frosting’…the ‘cake’ is all about how you feel!

So take big risks and departures…to just have fun! (like ballgowns and floral crowns…or leather pants and a skinny tank. Wonder Woman t-shirts and glasses…lol) Some stay true to more how they are ‘every day.’ But everything you bring should be something you love! Bold/glam/sexy/laid-back…or all of the above?? Just feel awesome,  Its all up to you! (with help from us were needed.)

**We do have a pinterest board where we have  collected some previous client  ‘outfits’ that embody some of the different ’spirits’ of this type of  session. Just envision what you might adore seeing large on your wall to remind you every day of this amazing time in your life! The Empowered Portrait Experience : https://www.pinterest.com/cassbradleync/the-empowered-portrait-experience/

Most important:   Let your own personality shine through.  Consider bring something meaningful to you or your significant other; this serves as a great way to personalize your shoot. It may be lingerie your husband gave you on your first anniversary, for instance, or a vintage charm bracelet you found on a scouting expedition while on vacation. One of our clients creatively chose to pose with her artwork for a truly one-of-a-kind statement.


FIVE DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION… (the tiny things that matter a bit) 

If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot to avoid any bumpiness or redness.
Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed.
If you’re planning to visit the salon for a haircut or color, then give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it.
Be sure to get a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish.
Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photos, red, blotchy skin will not.
PLEASE – DO NOT SPRAY TAN within 3-5 days of your session.
Drink plenty of water for luminous skin.
Try on your outfits  to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels. Steam or iron your ensembles and hang them properly, so they keep their shape as you travel to the studio.



Bathe, shave, and moisturize.
Remove ALL price tags, size & care labels, etc. from clothing.   They can ruin otherwise great photographs.
Double-check everything is properly packed and ready for the shoot including accessories like heels those meaningful items mentioned above as well , jewelry, accessories, ‘props.’
Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the studio without stressing as your hair and makeup team is waiting for you and if we start late—it cuts into your session time. Check weather and traffic reports to ensure you have allotted enough time for unexpected delays.
Enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening.
Plan for a good night’s sleep – eight hours is ideal.;-)   Remember–we are celebrating YOU and time to slow down and take it all in.


Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid red marks on your skin (no jeans, tight socks or tight clothing, for instance).
Eat something light, but filling, before you leave the house.

Clear deodorant is your friend.
Arrive with a clean and moisturized face and CLEAN HAIR (important!). Your hair and makeup artist will be waiting for you. Note: you will pay your artist directly—I simply arrange them for you.
Most important: Take a deep breath and RELAX. It’s completely normal to be a wee bit nervous before your shoot, but please don’t worry because you will be in very good hands.



**THE VERY BEST PART!**  Your SAME-DAY  reveal and design consult: A cinematic presentation of your amazing photographs at the Bungalow. (If you have not already scheduled your design consult, please do so at your session.)


Haven’t booked your Empowered Portrait Experience?  (whaaaatttt???!)   Make sure to head here to snag a date on our calendar (we typically stay booked approximately 30 days out)   and get ready to ‘find your fearless!


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