Empowered Portraits: Meet Tiffany (Uptown Rooftop Photography Session Charlotte, NC)

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Empowered Portraits Charlotte, NC : Meet Tiffany



5 years ago she was fighting for her life. (At just 25- she was diagnosed with breast cancer.)

Today, she tries everyday to celebrate it.



Losing her mom a few years later only solidified this.   (Along with the importance of resiliency and strength.)

…and this is what she came to celebrate.


She describes herself as adventurous, decisive, persistent and determined.

She is at her absolute best when supporting and giving a bit of herself to others. (She does this in many aspects of her life including her role as an oncology pharmacist.)

As we spent time getting to know her and  planning  for her session we also learned she is adventurous and she loves to travel. (And,  jokes of her ‘weird love/hate relationship with hiking.’  (and hints a bit of a “wild side.”;-) )

At this stage of her life,  she feels on top of the world!

And, THIS, is what we wanted her to always see in herself when she looks upon the art she has chosen for her home.  (Though, Tiffany needed no reminding or ‘convincing’ as to the power of photographs as she discussed how much the photographs she and her sister has taken with their mother that she cherishes.   So much so, she wanted to be certain that in addition to her own art–she designed  2 additional pieces she created for an aunt and her sister  she hopes that when they look at them they say ‘that is so Tiffany.’ )

We think she accomplished just that.


Meet Tiffany.

Adventurous.  Decisive.  Persistent



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