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If you are here this peaked your interest…but you kept wondering “Is this for me?”

Wonder no more!

Mother hugging her two daughters.

Who is this for?  

Any Mother with a Daughter.  

What does that mean?  

A mother and her daughter

A  mother with multiple daughters

3 generations of mothers and daughters

Families with two moms

Adoptive Moms and daughters

IVF Moms

Moms over 40

Single moms

Moms of adult daughters

Sisters that have lost their mom

Sisters who both have daughters

Moms of fur daughters

And I am sure many more Moms we haven’t thought of…if you and your daughter deserve a legacy—this is for you.

Where does this take place?

That one is easy!  We have a beautiful studio, located in Historic Plaza Midwood.  These sessions take place there for one reason:  this is about you—your connection—so we eliminate the distractions of going on location and give you a day just about your relationship.

What should we wear?

Attire always seem to be the go-to question. We tell everyone to approach this as you see fit. Meaning—some Mom’s bring floor length, flows  gowns…some bring off—the shoulder sweaters and jeans.  We tell everyone to bring 3-5 ‘outfits’ they feel amazing in and day-of: we will help you select outfits/accessories. Try to stay to one color palate as to not ‘clash’ with one another—but ‘match-y-match-y’ is not required! (We are also happy to put you in touch with one of our stylists to assist you in selecting or purchasing pieces that you absolutely  love and are totally and completely YOU. -Just ask!) Most important:   Let your own personality shine through.  Consider bring something meaningful to you or your family; this serves as a great way to personalize your shoot.  One client chose to have her daughters wear the bridesmaids dresses from their own wedding.

Little girl looking bravely into the camera with her hand in her curls.

Now that we have given you the who, where, and attire—what is holding you back?  Don’t let ‘busy’ get in the way of protecting your memories and if there is a question you still need answered we are always here!

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